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Services We Offer
As an integrated agency, we offer you virtually all the services you will need for your marketing and communications efforts. This means you can count on a consistent message and initiatives that work together to increase effectiveness. Browse the links below for more information about the services we offer.

With BtB you get results.


BtB's Identity Marketing™ process drives our approach to strategic thinking. Give us access to your marketing team, product managers, sales force and we'll get the answers to develop the positioning for your company or initiative.

BtB’s Strategic Planning Services:
Identity marketing |  Market research |  Brand evaluation  |  Focus groups |  Telemarketing surveys


Whether the medium is print, online, direct marketing or a trade show, effective creative must engage the viewer into action. BtB's creative team designs award winning work that creates action because everything we do is grounded in your marketing goals. This means you get excellent creative in the first round so your message gets out quickly and cost-effectively.

BtB’s Creative Services:
Corporate and brand identity |  Print and online advertising |  Direct marketing/HTML email |  Collateral |  Brochures |  Sales sheets and catalogs |  Tradeshow graphic and booth design |  Design standards and guideline development |  Photography |  Illustration and information graphics |  In-house digital product photography


Partnering with BtB gives you access to a resource that can improve your current site, adding functionality like a content management tool, or build you a new site. We can drive traffic through online advertising, get you located through search engines, and help you leverage business/social networks. BtB's web philosophy is simple-your site should be simple to find, simple to use and simple to update.

BtB’s Interactive Services:
Website design and development  |  Site usability evaluation and optimization  |  Web analytics and traffic analysis  |  Search Engine Optimization  |  Database programming and Content management tools  |  Design and development for online advertising  |  Flash and Video—concepting, storyboarding and production  |  Viral and social network marketing, image management  |  Webinars


Our agency takes the time to understand your markets so we can identify the media targets and evaluate their editorial opportunities for optimum compatibility with your intended audience. We build solid relationships with editors to generate coverage of your message. We write releases, white papers and articles designed to complement your integrated marketing program—and save you time. Additionally, BtB can set up press tours, one-on-one editor meetings and we work a trade show like nobody's business.

BtB’s Public Relations Services:
PR strategy  | Messaging and planning  |  Writing services (Press releases, case studies, contributed articles, white papers, blogs)  | Media relations |  Trade show support |  Press tours


Direct marketing today means much more than it did five years ago. While direct mail is effective, email and mobile marketing can offer you a higher return rate at a fraction of the cost. BtB can design, code and distribute your emails while taking care of critical details like subject line optimization, image tags, text only versions and compatibility. But where BtB really shines is our ability to find you the lists most likely to get you leads.

BtB’s Direct Marketing Services:
Bulk and direct mail  |  HTML email  |  List evaluation and purchase  |  List management  |  Telemarketing  |  Fulfillment


Buying ad space without a solid strategy is just an expense, not an investment. The placement of your advertising is just as critical to its success as the development of the ad itself. BtB will analyze the publications, trade magazines and online vehicles to select the right combination for delivering your message to the right audience, at the right time, in the right environment. And we'll get you the best deal for your marketing dollar.

Media Purchasing and Planning Services:
Strategic analysis, Media research and audience analysis  |  Rate negotiation  |  Media schedule flighting and maintenance  |  Deadline extension negotiation  |  Ad material trafficking  |  Continual verification of ad unit specifications  |  Monitoring of online ad performance  |  Evaluation of new opportunities throughout the schedule


We know the sales channels in the business-to-business sale. We'll analyze your direct sales, reps, and distributor networks and develop the support tools they need to effectively sell your products. BtB can also devise incentive programs to generate sales. We will not only help you maximize your current channels, but will help you identify, evaluate and develop new channels. BtB can also help organize your sales meetings, manage open houses/special events, and produce specialty promotional items.

BtB’s Sales Promotion and Support Services:
Develop new sales channels |  Develop and manage sales incentive programs |  Orchestrate sales meetings and events |  Produce specialty promotion items


BtB knows tradeshows. Our team has been to more than we can count. We create engaging booth designs and presentations that communicate your message. We know the importance of pre-show promotion and publicity, getting interviews and creating visibility during the show and extending the post-show enthusiasm-by reaching out to those who didn't attend and following up on leads from those who did.

BtB’s Tradeshow Design and Support Services:
Booth design and construction, booth graphics |  Show promotion and follow up |  Show logistics management |  Booth incentives  |  Press release distribution |  Scheduling editor meetings, speaking slots and conference panels


By marketing through effective channels and tracking their success we help you get the biggest bang for your marketing budget. But the problem with metrics is no one ever has the time to review them. BtB can help you learn what your potential and current customers are responding to, and in turn, where to focus your budget to produce maximum results.

BtB’s Performance Metrics Services:
Web analytics |  Lead tracking from publications |  Lead reporting from HTML email campaigns |  Brand evaluation |  Campaign evaluations |  Focus groups