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    Full page "Footprint" Ad
    Make a positive impact.
    Recycle your rechargable batteries.

    Consumers, businesses and communities are challenged by this print and online campaign to offset their environmental impact and improve their sustainability by recycling rechargeable batteries. Leave only footprints!

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    Full page "Frog" Ad
    It's easy to be green.
    Recycle your cell phones and rechargeable batteries.

    This print and event campaign featured a variety of animals and rechargeable products to educate consumers, businesses and communities that Call2Recyle has a free recycling program for old cell phones and rechargeable batteries with drop-off locations in your favorite retail stores.

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    Full page "Light for Living" Ad
    Cree is LED Lighting.
    Healing LED Light.

    Targeting healthcare facilities worldwide with a direct, emotional appeal, Cree offers beautiful, energy efficient light for interior and exterior use that will slash your energy costs. Additional print and online materials were developed to speak to other vertical markets.

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    Full page "LED Revolutionaries" Ad
    They said it couldn't be done.
    We didn't listen.

    Featuring LED Revolutionaries-inventors, architects, designers and other influencers-this campaign builds on Cree's leadership of the LED lighting revolution, while spotlighting an innovative new product as proof positive.

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    Full page "Anywhere" Ad
    Cree XLamp LEDs are the brightest anywhere.

    Cree is positioned as the innovator of the LED lighting world. These print and online ads showcase the superiority of Cree technology and backs it up with industry-leading specs and real-world application images.

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    Full page "Bird's Nest" Ad
    Cree XLamp LEDs. That's lighting-class.

    BtB coined the positioning line "That's lighting-class." for this print and online program to distinguish Cree's highly reliable, lighting-class LEDs from the cheap, blue diodes flooding the market. Cree LEDs were featured at the Beijing Olympics, where a failure was not an option.

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    Full page "Lie detector" Ad
    Is your scope lying to you?

    This print and online campaign puts inaccurate oscilloscopes to the test. If you're not using Rohde & Schwarz digital oscilloscopes then you're not getting the whole truth, in fact your getting anything but the truth.

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    Full page "Origami" Ad
    Messaging solutions that transcend the ordinary.

    To illustrate Bell and Howell's commitment to service and solutions beyond the norm, this print program transcends the ordinary with a host of services and products.

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    Full page "Problems/solutions" Ad
    JETVision Systems.

    Bell and Howell are more interested in solving your problem than selling you an entirely new or proprietary system. That's why their products are platform agnostic and can be configured in a variety of ways to work with your existing system.

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    Full page "Moosehat" Ad
    Solutions as unique as the customers
    you serve.

    Direct mail is among the most targeted of communication vehicles and this advertisement shows how Bell and Howell can increase your ability to create customized mailings by partnering with them.

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    Full page "Paint can" Ad
    How many reasons do you need to reformulate?

    Changing a paint formulation is expensive and time consuming, so there better be a good reason. Reichhold has 10. The print ad explains one and points the reader to the microsite developed for the campaign to explain the others.

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    Full page "Switch" Ad
    High color consistency after touch-up.

    One-size-fits-all, low VOC paint formulations can lag in color consistency during touch up. That's why this product ad introduces the specialized formulation of Reichhold's Synthemul resin.

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    Full page "Robot" Ad
    Industrial Strength Coatings.

    Reichhold's family of industrial coatings cover a wide gamut of applications as shown in this robot constructed with everything from aviation equipment to appliances. The robot graphic later made a 20' tall appearance at their tradeshow and currently resides in the lobby.

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    Full page "Global" Ad
    The power of global reach.

    Paxar was widely known for it's apparel identification (tags and labels), but they had excellent capabilities in all areas of garment manufacturing. The "power of..." campaign focused on a main area, such as supply chain management, and showcased all the other services and products offered.