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Welcome to the Editor Press Center. Check back periodically for photo and caption updates. The following press materials may be downloaded from this site for pre-conference publicity for the IEDM:

2016 IEDM Press Releases:

2016 IEDM Photos with captions:
Selected images from the abstracts are presented in two formats:
- Word file with images associated with a highlighted paper and the caption
- JPEG file with individual high-resolution Images

Paper #2.6, "A 7nm FinFET Technology Featuring EUV Patterning and Dual-Strained High-Mobility Channels"
R. Xie et al, IBM/Globalfoundries/Samsung
Image With Caption
2-6 A 7nm CMOS Platform Technology Using EUV Lithography.docx
High Resolution Images
2.6 Figure 3.jpg
2.6 Figure 10.jpg
2.6 Figure 23.jpg

Paper #2.7, "A 7nm Platform Technology Featuring 4th Generation FinFET Transistors with a 0.027μm2 High-Density 6-T SRAM Cell for Mobile SoC Applications"
S.Y. Wu et al, TSMC
Image With Caption
2-7 A 7nm CMOS Platform Technology for Mobility.docx
High Resolution Images
2.7 Figure 4.tif
2.7 Figure 12.tif
2.7 Figure 14a.tif

Paper #3.1, "SiGe HBT with fT/fmax of 505 GHz/720 GHz"
B. Heinemann et al, IHP
Image With Caption
3-1 Fastest Silicon-Based HBT.docx
High Resolution Images
3.1 Figure 1c.jpg

Paper #5.1, "Carbon Nanotube Complementary Logic with Low-Temperature Processed End-Bonded Metal Contacts"
J. Tang et al, IBM
Image With Caption
5-1 End-Bonded Contacts for N- and P-Type Carbon Nanotubes.docx
High Resolution Images
5.1 Figure 10a.jpg
5.1 Figure 10c.jpg

Paper #6.6, "Wearable Sweat Biosensors"
W. Gao et al, University of California, Berkeley
Image With Caption
6-6 Wearable Sweat Biosensors.docx
High Resolution Images
6.6 Figure 1.jpg

Paper #7.6, "A Physics-Based Compact Model for Material- and Operation-Oriented Switching Behaviors of CBRAM"
Y.D. Zhao et al, Peking University/ Innovation Center for MicroNanoelectronics and Integrated System (China)/Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Image With Caption
7-6 Modeling CBRAM Operation.docx
High Resolution Images
7.6 Figure 3.jpg

Paper #8.6, "A 1.8e- Temporal Noise Over 90dB Dynamic Range 4k2k Super 35mm Format Seamless Global Shutter CMOS Image Sensor with Multiple-Accumulation Shutter Technology"
Kawabata et al, Canon, Inc.
Image With Caption
8-6 CMOS Imager with Global Shutter.docx
High Resolution Images
8.6 Figure 7.jpg
8.6 Figure 8.jpg

Paper #10.1, "1.7 kV/1.0 mΩcm2 Normally-Off Vertical GaN Transistor on GaN Substrate with Regrown p-GaN/AlGaN/GaN Semipolar Gate Structure"
D. Shibata et al, Panasonic
Image With Caption
10-1 V-Shaped Channel for Record GaN Threshold Voltage.docx
High Resolution Images
10.1 Figure.4.jpg

Paper #11.5, "A 28nm HKMG Super-Low-Power Embedded NVM Technology Based on Ferroelectric FETs"
M. Trentzsch et al, Globalfoundries/NaMLab gGmbH/Ferroelectric Memory GmbH/Fraunhofer IPMS/RacyICs GmbH/TU Dresden
Image With Caption
11-5, FeRAM Embedded Memory for IoT.docx
High Resolution Images
11.5 Figure 2.jpg

Paper #13.4, "SOI Technology for Quantum Information Processing"
S. De Franceschi et al, CEA/University Grenoble Alpes
Image With Caption
13-4 Toward Scalable Quantum Processing.docx
High Resolution Images
13.4 Figure 1.jpg

Paper #13.5, "Cryo-CMOS for Quantum Computing"
E. Charbon et al, Delft University of Technology/EPFL/Institut Superieur d’Electronique de Paris/Tsinghua University/Univ. California, Berkeley
Image With Caption
13-5 Cryo-CMOS Circuits to Support Quantum Computing.docx
High Resolution Images
13.5 Figure 13.jpg

Paper #14.7, "Prospects of Ultra-Thin Nanowire-Gated 2D-FETs for Next-Generation CMOS Technology"
W. Cao et al, University of California, Santa Barbara
Image With Caption
14-7 Making & Modeling Dielectrics & Gates on 2D MoS2 Substrate.docx
High Resolution Images
14.7 Figure 1.jpg
14.7 Figure 3b.jpg

Paper #15.1, "Reliability Characteristics of 10nm FinFET Technology with Multi-Vt Gate Stack for Low Power and High Performance"
M. Jin et al, Samsung
Image With Caption
15-1 10nm FinFET Reliability.docx
High Resolution Images
15.1 Figure 20a.jpg

Paper #15.8, "Local Thermometry of Self-Heated Nanoscale Devices"
F. Menges et al, IBM
Image With Caption
15-8 Mapping Hot Spots at 10nm and Below.docx
High Resolution Images
15.8 Figure 9a.jpg

Paper #16.1, "Hyperdimensional Computing with 3D VRRAM In-Memory Kernels: Device-Architecture Co-Design for Energy-Efficient, Error-Resilient Language Recognition"
H. Li et al, Stanford/University of California, Berkeley/National Nano Device Laboratories
Image With Caption
16-1 Brain-Like Computing with 3D Vertical RRAM.docx
High Resolution Images
16.1 Figure 16.jpeg

Paper #17.1, "Air Spacer for 10nm FinFET CMOS and Beyond"
K. Cheng et al, IBM/Globalfoundries
Image With Caption
17-1 Air Spacers to Reduce Capacitance in 10nm FinFETs.docx
High Resolution Images
17.1 Figure 3.tif
17.1 Figure 10.jpg
17.1 Figure 12.jpg

Paper #18.2, "Graphene-Gate Transistors for Gas Sensing and Threshold Control"
N. Harad et al, Fujitsu
Image With Caption
18-2 Exquisitely Sensitive Gas Sensor.docx
High Resolution Images
18.2 Figure 3.jpg

Paper #19.1, "Vertical InAs/GaAsSb/GaSb Tunneling Field-Effect Transistor on Si with S=48 mV/decade and Ion=10 µA/µm for Ioff = 1 nA/µm at VDS = 0.3 V"
E. Memisevic et al, Lund University
Image With Caption
19-1 TFET with Record On-Current.docx
High Resolution Images
19.1 Figure 4 color.jpg
19.1 Figure 4.jpg
19.2 Figure 2.jpg

Paper #20.1, "Wide Bandgap (WBG) Power Devices and Their Impacts on Power Delivery Systems"
A. Huang, North Carolina State University
Image With Caption
20-1 Wide-Bandgap Power Devices and Their Impacts on Power Delivery Systems.docx
High Resolution Images
20.1 Figure 6.jpg

Paper #20.6, "Horizon Beyond Ideal Power Devices"
H. Ohashi, NPERC-J (Japan’s New-Generation Power Electronics & System Research Consortium)
Image With Caption
20-6 Nega-Watts.docx
High Resolution Images
20.6 Figure 10.jpg

Paper #22.2, "First Demonstration of a Back-Side Integrated Heterogeneous Hybrid III-V/Si DBR Laser for Si-Photonics Applications"
J. Durel et al, STMicroelectronics/CEA-LETI/University Grenoble Alpes/Vistec Electron Beam GmbH
Image With Caption
22-2 Big Step Toward Silicon Photonics.docx
High Resolution Images
22.2 Figure 3.jpg

Paper #25.3, "Monolithic Integration of AgTe/TiO2-Based Threshold Switching Device with TiN Liner for Steep Slope Field-Effect Transistors"
J. Song et al, Pohang University of Science and Technology
Image With Caption
25-3 Conductive Filament Forms & Dissolves to Enable Sharp On-Off Switching.docx
High Resolution Images
25.3 Figure 19.jpg
25.3 Figure 23.jpg

Paper #26.5, "GaN-on-Si μLED Optoelectrodes for High-Spatiotemporal-Accuracy Optogenetics in Freely Behaving Animals"
K. Kim et al, University of Michigan/New York University/Tel Aviv University
Image With Caption
26-5 Devices for Studying the Brain.docx
High Resolution Images
26.5 Figure 5.jpg

Paper #27.1, "4Gbit Density STT-MRAM Using Perpendicular MTJ Realized with Compact Cell Structure"
S.W. Chung et al, SK Hynix/Toshiba
Image With Caption
27-1 First 4 GB STT-MRAM.docx
High Resolution Images
27.1 Figure 1.jpg
27.1 Figure 2.jpg

Paper #29.6, "On-Chip Terahertz Electronics: From Device-Electromagnetic Integration to Energy-Efficient, Large-Scale Microsystems"
R.Han et al, MIT/Office of Naval Research/Cornell University/University of Michigan/STMicroelectronics/University of Texas at Dallas/Naval Research Lab
Image With Caption
29-6 On-Chip Terahertz Electronics.docx
High Resolution Images
29.6 Figure 3a.jpg
29.6 Figure 3b.jpg

Paper #30.2, "A Tunnel FET Design for High-Current, 120 mV Operation"
P. Long et al, Purdue University/Imec/University of California, Santa Barbara/University of Virginia
Image With Caption
30-2 Designing High-Current TFETs.docx
High Resolution Images
30.2 Figure 4.jpg

Paper #32.1, "An Active Artificial Iris Controlled by a 25-μW Flexible Thin-Film Driver"
F. DeRoose et al, Imec/KU Leuven
Image With Caption
32-1 Smart Contact Lens.docx
High Resolution Images
32.1 Figure 1.jpg
32.1 Figure 2.jpg

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  • 2016 IEDM Tutorial - The Struggle to Scale BEOL

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